Hereby we are informing our members and the expanding scope of our sympathizers that the other washy unions bowing before the government’s intention have excluded the Ready to Act Hungarian Police union, having the biggest membership, from the negotiations meeting planned for the 2nd June.

Our union held a big demonstration on the 24th, 25th an 26th May 2011 in Hódmezővásárhely and in this occasion fraction leader Dr. Lázár János conveyed a personal invitation from Prime Minister Orbán Viktor for the trade union negotiation planned for the 30th May.

Considering that these negotiations have been postponed for unknown reasons, we tried several times to ask for information for the reason of the backlog and for a hearing date. The Prime Minister has not even sent an answer to our union, representing the most professional police officers.

Following the above mentioned Mr. Powell Pál the president of the Special Service for National Security’s representational organization, obeying to the message from Szijjártó Péter, informed Secretary General, Szima Judit today that according to the unanimous decision of the other trade unions she cannot participate on the meeting with Prime Minister Orbán Viktor planned for the 2nd June.

Because of this clearly discriminatory and outrageous step in this situation is especially important the decisive action, because the Ready to Act Hungarian Police Union is the only one believing in the power of unity and that with sufficient torque we can protect our vested interest!

We are informing every members, relatives, interested parties and sympathizers that the Ready to Act Hungarian Police Union is holding a continuous demonstration on the Kossuth Square where we are waiting for all of the interesting ones in the tent next to the Kossuth statue.

Considering the above mentioned we are gathering in favor of our vested rights from 8 AM on the 2nd June (Thursday) 2011, and on the 6th June from 1 PM we are expressing our protest against the withdrawal intentions related to the professional staff.

We ask everyone to come and join to our union in the morning of June 2nd expressing our protest!

In addition, it is particularly important that on the June 6th from 1 PM EVERYBODY should appear on our demonstration on the Kossuth Square. We are asking EVERYBODY, even for a short visit, for taking time in order to ensure our and the future of our families and with the mere attendance support our demonstration’s purpose!

We are giving continuous information in connection wit the demonstration on our website.