What does the police officer of the Hungarian Nation want?

The twelve points of the Ready to Act Hungarian Police Union int he March of 2011.


To ensure the protection of our profession and the citizens we are demanding:



1. A predictable, decent life ensuring career, instead of a „death”career!

No more political brainstorming, no more decisions of the Parliament crippling the citizens, which causers are marked as the police officers serving with duty!

2. The current members of the professional police staff could retire with the same conditions!

The maintaining of the institution of the service pension for those police officers who will join the police in the future which is the pledge of the future law enforcement which could be modified only by respecting the rules of the negotiation and by substantive trials.

3. The prevention of the benefits and the status of the retired police officers!

4. A salary increase compensating the long year freezing of the salaries!

No more lies that’s we are demanding:
– The immediate catching up the incomes to the EU level in 2011.
– The promise of the Fidesz politician, János Lázár from 2010 that they will raise the net income of a beginner police officer to 150.000 HUF if they get into office.
– Right to strike.
– Giving back the 13th month special allotment.
– Restoring of the tax free benefits such as the monthly pass, the benefit for the school beginning, the food ticket for every employee.

5. The annually, inflation following raising of the salary fund and of the pay board should be guaranteed 2/3-ly by law!

6. We could not be obliged to work without consideration over a 40 hours workweek!

Enough with the 150 hours free work! No one could be obliged to robot work, including the Hungarian police officers int he 21th century!

7. The state should provide the necessary conditions to heath, recreation and physical condition!

8. Modern protection equipment and work tools!

We demand legal intimidation and the guarantees of that enforcement against the law breakers! The starting of impeachment of those criminals who are threatening the lives of police officers! The labor unions together with the labor organizations of civil society associations or separately from them, could check the working conditions and the existence of the protection equipments and work tools.

9. The privileges of the police leaders (executives) should be abolished immediately!

As there is no free lunch, there should not be a free service car, a free collective salary remuneration and there should not be working the so called “Club of Captains”, too!

10. We demand the abolition of the introduced reliability examination or it should be applied also by the Members of the Parliament and by public dignitary!

We are demanding the publication of the dual citizenship by the public dignitary, by the Members of the Parliament, by the Members of the European Parliament and by the local representatives, and its examination by the electoral commissions, and its indication on the voting paper because the decisions related to the law enforcement appreciated as contrary to the Hungarian interests are threatening law and order, the public security of the Hungarian citizens and the sovereignty of Hungary!
We are demanding the protection of the victims’ right indstead of protection the rights of the criminals!

11. Enough with the vandalism of the criminal groups!

We demand that the government should respect its police officers instead of making statements without content! We are asking for money, weapon and for authority!
We are not money recoverers to have money for luxury cars or for luxury service housing, we are police officers who want to serve and to protect the Hungarian citizens.
The governmnet and the Parliament should bring back the self-respect of the police officers so the citizens could be proud of the Hunagrian Police and its officers, and they should not be in dread of criminal groups in Budapest or in the countryside.

12. Competent and fair law enforcement experts into the decision-making positions!
Enough with the dilettantism and the destruction of the police!

We demand a strong, professional and respected police! The right of safe living of the citizens’ and our right to serve with dignity, honesty and honor should not be taken away!



Ready to Act Hungarian Police Union